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Kathryn Selvester And Tony Maltese Have just returned from recording an Album ( Feelin' Again) at The Sound Shop Recording Studio In Nashville Tn. And Wanted To Share  photos Of The Session           


Img3.png                                              Img4.png                                hpim0384a1.png

Kathryn & Tony Outside The Sound Shop                  Jeff King (Guitar )  Kevin Grantt ( Bass)  with Kathryn                      Tony  In Studio Heaven





Img7.png                                     Img8.png                             Img19.png                                                        Kathryn & Joe Meyers ( Executive Producer)        Mike Bradley ( Owner Of Sound Shop)                             Kathryn  In Production




Img20.png                                 Img21.png                             Img17.png                                                 

 Kathryn And Tony Having Fun                    Mark Capps (Master Engineer) At Sound Shop                    The String Section working It's Magic





      hpim0382a1.png                           Img10.png                                           hpim0439.png     

Jeff King Getting The Right Sound                    Kathryn Tearing Her Hair Out                                                    Kathryn Writing Out Arrangements




hpim0446.png                                         hpim0444.png                                   hpim0452.png

Judy Rodman,Mike Black  Backup Vocals        Mark, Kristen Wilkenson ( String Arranger)& Kat               Kathryn And Bob Takeing In The Sights


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